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Facciate Architettoniche

Surprising solutions creating architecture

Facciate Architettoniche

Energy efficiency

Facciate Architettoniche

Architectural redevelopment

Facciate Architettoniche

Innovative design

Facciate Architettoniche

Out of scheme, new interpretation of space

Facciate Architettoniche

Multicolor projects

Facciate Architettoniche

Rubgy® at Mirabilandia Park

Facciate Architettoniche

Original, unusual, contemporary

Architectural wall claddings for new buildings
for renovations and energy-upgrading

Types of products

Termopareti® of the Serbond® system: Bubble®, Flat®, Rugby® and Caos®

3D Rendering

Products and construction details of the Serbond® system

Speciali components

Systems for Architectural Facades and special components

Before, during and after

Our projects: before the renovation, during the open construction site and at the end of the works.

Product Configurator

A great news, a new way to discover all the Elcom System’s products: choose the product, the type, the color you want. Try it now!


Moto dei Miti

Termopareti ® Caos + Rugby

Casa Azzurri Coverciano

Termopareti® Caos

Malpensa Airport

One of the main Italian airports

Multicolor projects

Good mood in your building.


Out of the schemes, new interpretation of space

Tirana Stadium

Termopareti® Flat


Termopareti ® Rugby

Dettagli costruttivi

Surprising solutions creating architecture

Elcom System is… on the move communication

Video n.1 – Caos

Video n.2 – Caos

Video Tutto di noi

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